• Multiple Benefits In One Product

  • Financial Mistake: Overlooking fixed annuities with enhanced death benefits or long term care benefits to provide additional protection in these areas.

    Multiple Benefits in One Product

    There are common characteristics that most fixed indexed annuities share, such as providing earning potential with safety. However, certain annuities may include additional benefits which could address special retirement needs. Listed below are examples of common features of most fixed indexed annuities as well as optional benefits that are available with certain fixed annuities:*

    Most Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer:

    1. Income tax deferral**, even for non-IRA money (without contribution limits for non-IRAs).

    2. Penalty free access (commonly 10% annually after the first contract year with additional liquidity in certain situations such as nursing home confinement)

    3. Penalty free access at death

    4. Safety and earning potential

    Some Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer:

    1. Enhanced Death Benefits provide beneficiaries the option to receive a potentially higher death benefit than the actual contract cash value. This is a great tool to maximize a legacy for family members or charities.

    2. Most fixed indexed annuities can provide a guaranteed lifetime income for you, your spouse, or both. These lifetime income benefits continue even if the cash value of your contract is depleted. Also, some companies offer checks that increase over time to help keep pace with inflation (see Guaranteed Growth and Lifetime Withdrawal Basics).

    3. Enhanced benefits for certain long term care needs. Stipulations vary per contract, but some contracts may double or increase the income check for a specified period of time with a qualifying long term care event. Others may offer additional long term care benefits once contract cash values are depleted. 


    Some fixed annuities offer enhanced benefits for long term care (should you need it) or a larger death benefit (to maximize a legacy). Learn about them today! 

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    *This section provides general information about features and benefits of some fixed annuities which can vary per contract. Consult your agent and company material for each contract's details. **We are not tax advisors and do not give tax advice. Note that distributions from traditional IRAs prior to age 59 &1/2 are taxed as ordinary income and may be subject to a 10% IRS federal tax penalty.

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