• Future Benefits Insurance & Retirement Planning Mission:

    We strive to:

    1. Show our clients financial mistakes to avoid before & during retirement. We can guide you to and through
        a retirement with better guarantees. We have knowledge and expertise in safe money strategies and
        solid Insurance plans.
    2. Build trust through honesty and service. You can count on us, and we will return phone calls.
    3. Uncover areas of opportunity to bring more value to you and your family. We listen to your concerns
        and recommend solutions based upon your needs.
    4. Explain products and concepts in ways anyone can understand. We know that when our clients understand
        a product or concept, they are more likely to be satisfied clients.
    5. Constantly search the insurance marketplace so that we can recommend the best products with the
        strongest companies. We look for the best products to help you save more, accumulate more savings
        for retirement, or provide you more income. We are all about value.
    6. Have a positive effect on your family's personal finances. We know that ultimately who you choose to
        guide you will often dictate the companies and strategies you choose. This, in turn, will dictate your results
        and/or the level of risk to your nest egg. Let us guide you to and through a worry-free retirement.

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