• Rethinking Retirement Risk

  • Financial Mistake: Feeling compelled to risk your retirement nest egg in the stock or bond markets for potential earnings. Many feel safety of principal to be paramount before and during retirement!

    Rethinking Retirement Risk & Advice

    In recent years, financial markets have had many ups and downs, causing a wild ride for investors. The Federal Reserve has demonstrated a policy of drastically reducing interest rates to stimulate the economy and financial markets. This low interest rate environment has caused pain for most living off of fixed interest or anyone trying to keep their money in banks (where their principal is protected). Many feel like the only viable alternative to low bank savings or CD interest rates is risking their money in the stock or bond markets. Yet, it is common knowledge that there are no guarantees with stocks or mutual funds*. It is also common knowledge that bonds are subject to interest rate risk and risk by the guarantor.

    While there is a place for investments offering risk, investment risk is not for everyone. For many, investments are not a good place for "all" of their money. Stock brokers, financial advisors, or investment advisors often recommend products with risk to principal. Some advisors or brokers may not focus on low risk insurance-based alternatives to investments. For the part of your retirement nest egg you do not want to risk, should you be listening to someone who specializes in investments or someone specializing in safe money solutions? 


    You do not have to risk your retirement savings! 

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