• Deciding how much critical illness insurance protection to buy is clearly a personal decision. A simple way to approach the matter is to multiply your monthly mortgage payment by 24 (2 years worth). Imagine the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be mortgage-payment free while you recover and undergo treatment.

    As an example, you’ll see that a male age 40 (non-smoker) seeking a cash benefit payment of $10,000 would pay between $180 and $200-a-year for critical illness insurance. Smokers will pay about 50 percent more. A female age 50, purchasing $20,000 of coverage, will pay about $350 a year. Rates for smokers increase significantly after one reaches age 50.

    A number of insurers will issue up to $50,000 or critical illness insurance coverage without a medical exam. Referred to as simplified issue, this is a good way to go for the vast majority of individuals. It is also the most affordable and a good place to start the processing of considering this highly important form of protection.