• Annuities With Enhanced Death Benefits

  • FINANCIAL MISTAKE: Ignoring annuities with an enhanced death benefit as an alternative to an expensive life insurance policy.

    Annuities with Enhanced Death Benefits

    Fixed indexed annuities are primarily for accumulating interest and/or providing retirement income These are not life insurance policies, but they do have a death benefit. For someone not wanting to pay a premium for life insurance and who has savings available, a tax-deferred* annuity can be a very efficient vehicle to pass assets to beneficiaries.

    The death benefit in most fixed annuity contracts is often the cash accumulation value, but some annuity contracts offer enhanced death benefits (a death benefit which may be considerably higher than the cash accumulation value of the annuity). Below are some guidelines about the death benefits in fixed annuities:

    ♦ Unlike with life policies, there are usually no health questions or health physical required
    ♦ Some contracts charge a fee for an enhanced death benefit, while others offer a built in enhanced
       death benefit for no fee. If there is a fee, it is taken from the cash value of the annuity, not paid from
       outside of the annuity as a monthly premium (like most life insurance policies).
    ♦ Some fixed indexed annuities offer guaranteed growth or bonus growth for an enhanced death benefit 
    Could an annuity increase the death benefit for your family? 

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