• Financial Risk to Retirement

  • FINANCIAL MISTAKE: Ignoring the risk of a potential a long term care need could jeopardize your financial well being during retirement!

    The largest financial risk to your retirement may be the possibility of you or you spouse needing long term care.

    Long term care expenses are those associated with needing assistance with your activities of daily living. Care could be received in the home, an assisted living facility, an adult day care center, or a nursing home. Medicare and private insurance is not designed to take care of this risk. Long term care costs can be enormous. Some facts to consider:

    ♦ The chances of a long term care claim costing you over $100,000 is 1 in 1.5*

    ♦ 70% of people over 65 will need long term care**

    ♦ 20% of us will need care for over 5 years (female an avg. of 3.7 years and men an average of 2.2 years)**

    ♦ In 2013, the average cost of nursing home care in Memphis, TN is $72,453/year ($6,037 per month)***

    ♦ Future long term care costs could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars 


    Protect your retirement from devastating long term care costs!

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    *The Wall Street Journal smart Money May 2008

    **The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Website, www.LTCFEDS.com (2009)

    *** Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Long Term Care Survey 

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