• Fixed Indexed Annuity Safe Alternative

  • Financial Mistake: Overlooking the benefits that fixed indexed annuities can provide for your retirement money.

    Fixed Index Annuities offer safety and interest rate potential. That's a great combination.

    »  Earning potential is linked to an external stock or bond index. This may provide greater opportunity for growth than settling for low fixed interest rates. A fixed indexed annuity, offered and backed by a life insurance company, allows you to earn interest linked to stock or bond indexes without actually subjecting your money to market risk (see Basics of Fixed Indexed Annuities).
    »  You have safety of your principal and interest once earned. Our definition of safety is: Only if you reach in and withdraw money, could your account values decrease (unless you have chosen an option or annuity with an additional fee).
    »  Fixed Indexed annuities (sometimes called hybrid annuities) offer the best of both worlds, Safety and Potential. With the low interest rate environment and the volatility of the stock market, fixed indexed annuity sales ballooned from $5.16 Billion in 1999 to $34.2 Billion in 2013.*