• More Coverage for Less Money

  • FINANCIAL MISTAKE: Overpaying for your life insurance, costing yourself thousands of dollars in extra premiums or costing your bene-ficiaries hundreds of thousands in extra death benefits.

    Could You Get More Coverage for Your Money?

    If you are in reasonably good health, the answer is often a resounding yes! No matter how long you have had your current policy, it is worth your time to let us review it.

    If you have a term policy or a group policy, let us compare costs on an "apples to apples" basis. Perhaps we can reduce your monthly premium or increase your coverage for no additional cost.

    If you have a permanent policy, you first need to determine how long your premiums are guaranteed (see Could Your Current Premiums Increase?). If your policy has cash value, you may be able to roll the cash over into another policy. You could possibly:

    1. Qualify for a new policy with higher death benefits (possibly much higher).

    2. Increase the number of years your policy premiums are guaranteed not to increase.

    3. Lower or eliminate your ongoing premiums.

    4. Purchase a policy with the same death benefit, surrender the current policy, and use the cash value as you please*.

    Your Future Benefits Agent can help you with obtaining and interpreting your insurance company illustrations. We have helped many people avoid losing coverage through unforeseen premium increases. 


    Could you get more life benefits for your money? 

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    *Surrendering a life insurance policy could cause a taxable event. We are not tax advisors and so not give tax advice.

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